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A Chat with West Coast Surf Wax

A Chat with West Coast Surf Wax

Paul Hill heads up West Coast Surf Wax, a small company making surf wax and other surfy products near the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast at Newgale. We caught up with Paul this week to get to know the business a bit better, and get his thoughts on selling through STDAVIDS.WALES.

How did you guys get started?

We started out in 2007, I wanted to be part of the surf industry and didn't have the skills to make boards, so I thought we could produce a wax, our first wax went out as Hills Organic Surf Wax, this proved to be popular with hard core surfers around the county, Europe and even worldwide, then all the ingredients become to expensive to produce a truly organic bar. So we became West Coast Surf Wax, still a natural wax but not organic.

How has the business progressed since then?

Since then the business has been has expanding and growing on a yearly basis, our wax has evolved through out the years and we are at that happy place where we are really happy with the formula, we test every thing ourselves and have a team of riders who provide feedback on our waxes.

Your products seem to have an emphasis on natural ingredients and environmental responsibility - how important is that to you?

Our environmental foot print is our mission statement, all our ingredients are 100% natural and sustainable, we even produce our wax using green energy, all our products are ocean friendly.

What's your favourite surf spot at the moment?

Newgale has be our favourite surf spot, it is our local break, just 2 minutes away, we provide a surf report every day which we do as we put out our #2minutebeachboard, this was the first board in Wales and a s a result of the success of our board, Pembrokeshire County Council has invested in a further 20 boards for beaches throughout the county.

What's next for West Coast Surf Wax?

The next step for West Coast Surf Wax is to continue to grow steadily and we have also introduced our own range of natural surfer scrubs with our brand Six Foot and Clean again a range of solid soap and shampoo bars which are great for travelling, camping or just for use in your bathroom, they are all hand made by us using 100% natural ingredients, no waste, no plastic.

What appeals to you about selling on STDAVIDS.WALES?

We like to be a part of the STDAVIDS.WALES site as we are among an amazing range of products by makers throughout the country.

Click here to browse West Coast Surf Wax on STDAVIDS.WALES

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