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A Cuppa with Cariad Coffee

A Cuppa with Cariad Coffee

This week we've caught up with our Community Partner, Joanna of Cariad Coffee to talk all things business and coffee, and find out her thoughts on selling through STDAVIDS.WALES.

How did you guys get into coffee?

Being in the water cooler industry, the majority of our customers are office
based. Coffee plays a huge part in office life and our customers started asking
for coffee machines, there was a demand and so we began offering the push
button Flavia sachet machines. The coffee industry has literally exploded over
the last few years and our customers wanted a higher quality offering for their
staff which led us onto researching coffee bean supply and bean to 2 cup
machines. After a lot of research we decided to create our own coffee brand
and blend and Cariad Coffee was born!

How has the business progressed since then?

We have been in the coffee industry now for around 18 months and now offer a
vast range of machines and supply hotels, coffee shops and wholesalers as well
as our core office customer base. We supply coffee, coffee machines and also
have fully qualified engineers to offer coffee machine service contracts.

What about the coffee itself – where are the beans from?

The coffee beans are a medium roast 100% Arabica bean. Our beans are triple
certified and are sourced for Ethiopia, central America and Sumatra. We
designed our own blend but we don’t currently roast the beans ourself, this is a
further plan.


How important is it to you to be fair trade and organic?

Our triple certification is of huge importance to us, we are based in sunny
Pembrokeshire on an organic dairy farm in Narberth and so want our fellow
organic farmers to be paid a fair price for their produce.

What's your tip for making great coffee at home? (Apart from using Cariad!)

Get yourself and grinder and grind your own beans to enjoy freshly ground
coffee at home.


What's your favourite coffee to have in your cup?

A flat white with delicious organic milk – you can tell we work for a dairy

What's next for Cariad Coffee?

We would love to see Cariad Coffee on the shelf of some supermarkets, in particular we would love to be in Co-Op.


What appeals to you about selling on STDAVIDS.WALES?

We like your mission and share your ethical values and enjoy being part of
something new a fresh from the beginning.




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