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Meet Katy of Big Mommas Knits!

Meet Katy of Big Mommas Knits!

Katy is the woman behind Big Mommas Knits, the creator of some wonderful, vibrant knits and a Community Partner of STDAVIDS.WALES. Her creations are always bright and colourful - 'Anything to spread some happiness!' she says. She takes inspiration from anything around her that catches her eye. 'If I see anything I love I can't look away until I know what the stitch is so I can go away and put my own twist on it!' The sheep's wool she uses is all sourced in Wales, and knitted on her sofa after the kids have gone to bed, or in her car if she's on the move!

Katy has been a keen knitter since her mother and grandmother taught her at 5 years old, however until last year it was very much a hobby. Katy would knit for her 5 children or create gifts for friends. That changed in October of last year when a friend suggested that she could sell her creations: 'No!' she thought, 'they're not good enough to sell!' Not one to take no for an answer, her friend promptly set up a Facebook page without telling her, and she got her first sale within 24 hours. 'Oh, maybe they are then!'

A few months on she met up with Rob of STDAVIDS.WALES and started thinking more seriously about selling online. The pressure of fulfilling orders was a worry at first, she says, but actually with a bit of encouragement she's now confident she can do it! Once the products were up on the site and she saw them through someone else's eyes, it started to sink in that they really are beautiful. It's given her a boost in confidence which has seen her set up her own website and begin to supply other shops.

Where does Katy want to go from here? Well, she's very much going with the flow. Going forward with a new found confidence and more free time as her children begin to start school, the sky is the limit!

'It's great that StDavids.Wales is trying to help people like me who are stuck at home too scared to go out there and do something. It's helped me build my confidence up and it's about showing people that they're stuff is good enough for them to go out there and do it! It's a whole new world, but it's very exciting!'


And at least one of Katy's children is getting into finger knitting, with another two thinking about it... so watch this space!

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