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St Davids Gin - Ramsey Island Projects

St Davids Gin - Ramsey Island Projects

At least 5% from the sale of each bottle of Ramsey Island Welsh Dry Gin and other products will go towards funding projects on and around Ramsey Island that are essential for the continuation of the imperative work carried out by the RSPB.

There are imminent projects that need funding, these include:

1. The installation of a UV tap which will remove the need for plastic bottles on the island.

2. The annual gannet research projects and periodic aerial survey on Grassholm along with the annual mission to rescue birds trapped in plastic marine litter.

3. And one we are particularly excited about – the expansion of juniper on Ramsey Island!

Remnants of an ancient population of juniper bushes can still be seen on Ramsey. Thought to be relics of the last Ice Age, the remaining bushes could be up to 1000 years old. Sadly, only one lone female plant bears those all important berries and she currently has no male bushes around her!

A project about 27 years ago saw juniper cuttings taken from the island and grown about 1.5 miles away on the mainland. There was a plan to reintroduce the trees to the island, but unfortunately the rabbit population saw to it that they weren’t there for long!

We are working with both the RSPB and Natural Resources Wales to find an ideal location where the juniper can flourish undisturbed by rabbits. We see this as an opportunity to help Ramsey Island regain a once successful species, and a way of giving something truly special back to the Island.

This map produced between 1898-1908 shows Ogof Juniper (Juniper Cave), located on the East of Ramsey Island.

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