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Talking Felt with Eva of Needle Felting Joy

Talking Felt with Eva of Needle Felting Joy

Eva Leslie creates wonderful designs from just a fluff of wool. From angels to hares, each of her creations is unique. From her home near Pontyclun in South Wales, she also runs felting workshops for all abilities. We chatted to Eva about all things felt, and she told us why she wanted to sell through STDAVIDS.WALES.

How did you begin felting?

As I walked through a German library an Angel Needle Felting book fell off a shelf. I decided it was meant for me as I love Angels - I borrowed the book and my needle felting path began.

What is it about teaching others that you enjoy?

I love teaching and sharing this wonderful creative craft with others because each design creation is filled with a different magic and joy. One never exactly knows what it will look like. Each needle felted object takes on its own unique character as we all see things differently. Through that the learning, fun and joy becomes a shared experience for both sides.

What's your favourite creation?

I still love Angels - even if they are not my most popular creation - Robins and Sheep are!
Needle Felting Joy Sheep Balls

Where do you get your inspiration for new creations?

I integrate ideas from felting sites and the world around me into my own designs. Friends often say “why don't you make...." and I'll have a go felting it - if I enjoy it and it can be recognised for what it was meant to be, I refine it.
Needle Felting Joy Welsh Ladies

Could you talk us through the felting process?

Needle felting is done with one barbed needle and a "fluff of wool" . With stabbing the needle into the wool, the wool combines and becomes felt; during this process it can be formed into any desired shapes. The process is very therapeutic and magical as one can watch how a ball of fluff turns with every stab more and more into some recognisable object.

How long does it take to felt a sheep?

From fluff to sheep takes around 2- 3 hours!
Needle Felting Joy Sheep

Where do you source your wool?

I buy my wool over the internet and my sheep curls from a small farm.

What appeals to you about selling on STDAVIDS.WALES?

I like what STDAVIDS.WALES stands for. They care and are extremely helpful. To me it's wonderful that someone puts so much energy into helping and inspiring individual businesses to succeed.

Click here to browse Eva's products or to try felting for yourself at one of her workshops!

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