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Animal Rescue Cymru

Animal Rescue Cymru

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We are a small, independent rescue charity, based on the beautiful west Wales coast, and our sole aim is to rescue and re-home domestic animals.

We do this with the aid of a small band of dedicated volunteers and experts whose sole aim is the welfare of animals.

Every dog going through our doors can cost up to £200+, and this is not counting the ones that come in needing medical treatments, the long stayers and the ones we have to put out on permanent foster because they have long term medical issues (and we cover their vet bills for life).

Horses in the winter cost us an average £67.00 a week to keep.

So – all the help we can get goes a long way to helping the animals, of all shapes and sizes.

To sponsor a kennel monthly on our PAW PAL scheme, please contact A.R.C. 0345 475 5958 or email: 

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