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Gower Bird Hospital

Gower Bird Hospital

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Gower Bird Hospital is based in Pennard on the Gower Peninsula.

The centre is a registered veterinary practice and cares for sick, injured and orphaned wild birds and animals with the sole intention of returning them to the wild.

The Hospital treats all species of wild birds and small mammals (mainly hedgehogs).

Registered as a charity in 1996, Gower Bird Hospital currently admits over 1600 patients every year.

Rehabilitation is an essential part of our work. After initial intensive care, the Hospital provides rehabilitation aviaries to give the birds as natural an environment as possible. These facilities are equipped with CCTV to enable us to observe and assess patients before release.

People often ask to have a look around the Hospital but this really isn’t in the best interests of our patients. Wild animals are very easily frightened and need as much peace and privacy as possible to aid their recovery. Staff spend as little time as possible with the birds and animals to minimise stress. The CCTV system was installed for this reason. All the aviaries are camouflaged so the patients inside have privacy and feel secure, which is the complete opposite of a zoo where animals are on display.

Many people support us because we keep the welfare of the birds and animals our first priority.

Every year since 1996, Gower Bird Hospital makes great progress and is now a nationally recognised wildlife rehabilitation centre.

Despite being a small charity, our use of CCTV and pre- and post-release studies have stamped us firmly on the map as a widely respected organisation.


Registered Charity no. 1053912

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