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Pet Rescue Welfare association

Pet Rescue Welfare association

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Abandoned Animals is a generic term used commonly to describe, according to the dictionary (Abandoned) those that are; Stray. Unwanted. Homeless. Unkempt. Cast aside. Cast out. Deserted. Discarded. Forlorn. Forsaken. Jilted. Left. Neglected. Outcast. Rejected. Relinquished. Etc...

Where animals are concerned these terms do apply in one way or another to all Abandoned Animals. There are many organizations, rescue’s and animals charities that provide care and re-homing facilities for these animals. We are one of these association, where you will find all the information on the work of our small but expanding, very active animal charity.

Our purpose is to care for all those abandoned animals in the above category. Our work will amaze you if your interest is in animals, pets or welfare support us at Pet rescue and make a difference.


Registered Charity Number: 1116170

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