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Farms for City Children

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Farms for City Children (Lower Treginnis)

We are a children's education charity founded in Devon in 1976 by well known children’s writer Michael Morpurgo and his wife Clare. 3,200 inner city children each year stay with us on our farms.

Our Mission:

Our charity’s aim is to develop children’s potential, build up self-esteem and to enrich the lives of thousands of children from our inner cities, large towns and many deprived rural areas each year.

We provide a seven-day stay on one of our 3 farms in the heart of the beautiful British countryside. Over 3,200 children stay with us each year from our crowded towns and cities. All of the children are aged between 8 and 11, very many are disadvantaged and many have special educational needs.

It is hard to believe that there are children who have never walked down a country lane, looked up at a sky full of stars, let alone collected a freshly laid egg, fed a pig, hand milked goats or groomed a horse! The amazement on a child’s face as he or she experiences something that many of us take for granted is quite something to behold and some children may never do these things again in their lives.

Children with special educational needs, behavioural problems, those who find it difficult to ‘fit in’ and those with language difficulties benefit hugely
as they all find something they are good at on our farms. This helps to build up their self-esteem, communication skills and therefore their self confidence.

Once here they are involved in all aspects of a busy farm life. They help with milking the cows, feeding all of the animals, lambing, calving, looking after the donkeys and horses, tending the vegetable garden, checking the livestock in the fields and learning to cook!

Registered Charity Number: 325120


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