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Pembrokeshire FRAME

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Pembrokeshire FRAME

is a registered charity set up to help people with any disability or considered disadvantaged in the workplace.

FRAME provides employment, work practice and training to over 200 individuals from Pembrokeshire each year.

FRAME has 3 furniture reuse stores and contracts with the local authority which funds the charities activities and helps FRAME meet its charitable objectives

FRAME encourages and promotes the use of sound environmental practices by extending the useful life of:

  • furniture bedding
  • curtains clothing
  • bric-a-brac
  • other household items

We offer low cost, pre-used items to individuals or families in need and also help to reduce the use of landfill refuse sites.

FRAME provides a real supported working environment for individuals with disabilities including mental ill health, learning difficulties and those socially disadvantaged and/or excluded.

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