GISDA – St Davids Distillery Limited


Our aim is – To offer vulnerable people in our society the opportunity to improve their quality of life so they aren’t disadvantaged because of poverty.

Who can we help?
Young people between 14 and 25 years of age in North West Wales. 
GISDA was established in 1985 to provide support and accommodation for homeless young people in the area. Since then, GISDA has developed many other supporting projects and have recently evolved to include Social Enterprises within the structure as another means of sustaining services for vulnerable young people.

GISDA is a charity that provides intensive support and offers opportunities to vulnerable young people between 14 and 25 years old in North Wales. GISDA seeks to improve young people’s lives by working with them to develop independent living skills, employability skills and health and a sense of self-worth. support offered to each individual work towards achieving defined goals that are tailored to each young person’s needs, directly addressing the difficulties each young person is experiencing. Through the range of projects and therapeutic support that GISDA offers, young people gain the confidence and the skills required to live independent lives. 

Registered charity number 1068325

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