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Ramsey Island & St Davids Seaweed Gin - Gift Pack

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The first project that we have funded from the sales of the gin to date has been to install a UV tap on the Island and part of the Refill Cymru and UK movement.  This has meant that the shop on the Island has been able to remove single use plastic water bottles, which they had previously sold to visitors to Ramsey. A very cool and 'tidy' (a Welshism) project!

Ramsey Island is an iconic landmark of St Davids life. The legends that surround it, the wildlife that thrives on it and the waters that beat against it all make up the rich tapestry of this magnificent place.

This unique gin captures clean mint and floral tones that speak loudly of their home, containing botanicals hand foraged from Ramsey - Water Mint from St Justinian’s Well plus Ling & Bell Heather that surrounds it. Expect fresh green island aromas and flavours, cut through with menthe aqua.

In addition to the botanicals from the Island, for the first time, we will be using the actual spring water from the UV tap that we have installed to cut our final product!!! 

Try with a bay leaf (be brave!) Clean green flavours await you which will become an herbaceous and audacious serve.


Seaweed is an incredible natural resource, used by gannets to make their nests and foraged by locals for food and soaps. Pembrokeshire Seaweeds gather Sea Oak (Fucus Vesiculosus) from along the St Davids Peninsula coastline.

This spectacular gin is infused with seaweed hand foraged from St Justinians. The seaweed offers coastal intrigue that marries with a time discovered array of peels and spice to deliver an expression of our most westerly waters.

Expect sweetness from the Sea Oak coupled with alluring spices. Try with a dried orange slice. Don’t drown me! We recommend 2:1 tonic and St Davids Seaweed Gin for the perfect serve.

A donation from the sale of each bottle of St Davids Seaweed Welsh Dry Gin and other products will go towards funding projects on and around Ramsey Island that are essential for the continuation of the imperative work carried out by the RSPB.

You can purchase the Gin & artwork in person at St Davids Kitchen in St Davids Pembrokeshire.



For all products sold by St. David’s Distillery, St. David’s Distillery will donate a minimum of £5,000 to RSPB Sales Ltd, which gives all its distributable profits through Gift Aid to the RSPB (charity registration England and Wales no 207076 and Scotland no SC037654). 

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