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Yr Ardd Fadarch

Dried Shiitake (3 PACKS)

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Dried Shiitake o Yr Ardd Fadarch - 3 packs

Pure Snowdonia Shiitake, professionally dried at our Garden and packaged in an useful resealable pack. Average weight of each pack is 20g. To use, just soak in warm water for 20 minutes before use.

The "stock" left behind after the soaking can be used again in cooking. These are wonderful in a casserole, soups or any other way you use mushrooms!

Yr Ardd Fadarch - The Mushroom Garden

Is a family run business that specialises in growing mushrooms and producing some exciting and initiative mushroom products. 

10 years ago, Cynan decided to investigate further into a world that had always interested him - the fungi kingdom, starting with the wild mushrooms of Snowdonia and soon turned his attention into cultivating exotic mushrooms in Wales.

The mushrooms are all grown in controlled units, but this does not mean that they do not thrive on the clean pure air of Snowdonia, and the "typical Welsh weather" - Rain & Mist, makes our Garden the perfect place to grow mushrooms. 

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