STDAVIDS.WALES is committed to driving towards #ABetterWales.

We’re all about making a difference in Wales on a local level.

We’re really passionate about what drives entrepreneurs and the local economy, and we want to encourage the best ideas and projects that exist in Wales to make our local economies successful. We think that investing in our local economy means respecting our environment, and improving Welsh society and education. This is why we believe in #ABetterWales.

Simply put, #ABetterWales means doing things better for Wales. It means better paid jobs, it means allowing entrepreneurs to flourish, it means experimenting with new ideas, it means respecting the environment, it means enriching our society and it means making Wales resilient for whatever the future brings.

Every time you make a purchase on the website, you’ll be helping us create our vision of a #ABetterWales. In 2019 we are committing to give 51% of the net profit made by STDAVIDS.WALES goes directly to Welsh Charities who share our vision.

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