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Apocalypse Now In A Minute T-shirt

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Apocalypse Now In A Minute is our favourite 'Welshified' title from 'Taffywood'

It conjures up (very hazy) memories of Cardiff after the '05/'08 Grand Slam wins: the chaos, mayhem, rubbish-strewn streets... Ah, good times. 


Francis Ford Coppola-Jones presents... Sgt Williams' mission is to travel up the Taff River on a South Wales Constabulary patrol boat to find - and "sober up with extreme prejudice" - Colonel Kurtz, whose Welsh Marines unit has lost every match on their Valleys rugby tour. Coming soon to a cinema near you. Maybe.

Award-winning cult Cardiff brand, I Loves The 'Diff, lets you show the world how you feel about the Welsh capital, celebrates Wales and the Welsh sense of humour. There's plenty to make you laugh – and hopefully make you proud.

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