CFIW – St Davids Distillery Limited

The Community Foundation is a charity, privileged to be working alongside people who are motivated by wanting to make a difference in Wales. We use our knowledge of needs and the voluntary sector to manage high impact grant programmes designed to achieve sustainable outcomes, awarding grants on behalf of our clients, fund holders and donors, which enable local people to achieve inspiring change in their communities.

Established in 1999, the Foundation now awards grants of over £2 million each year to charities and community groups on behalf of our donors. The Foundation’s philanthropy advice and grant-making services are quality assured by the UK Community Foundation's Quality Accreditation programme.

There are more than 30,000 community groups and charities in Wales which are strengthening their communities and meeting local needs - often on a shoestring budget or voluntary basis. They understand their challenges and ambitions, and work hard to address key issues and achieve the aspirations of people in their neighborhoods. Through our awareness and knowledge of these smaller groups the Foundation is able to award grants on behalf of donors from £500 to £150,000 to support these fantastic projects and organisations.


Registered Charity no. 1074655 

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