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West Coast Surf Wax

Coldwater Surf Wax- West Coast Surf Wax

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** 51% of net profits of all purchases are reinvested back into supporting our community partners' to help them thrive and have a positive impact in their local community and throughout Wales #abetterwales **

60°F / 16°C +
Our cold water wax is specially formulated for the seas surrounding our island.
It is soft enough to spread on your board during the darkest depths of a British winter. Cold water wax can also be used all year round.

West Coast Surf wax is handcrafted on the beautiful and wild West Wales coast.
Starting in 2007 they produced the very first ever handmade wax in the range then called Hills Organic Surf Wax. Sold widely across the UK and into Europe, before developing into the specialist wax product today.

West Coast Surf Wax range, comprising Base coat surf wax, Cool Water surf wax and Coldwater waxes, designed by surfers for surfers.

From start to finish, every bar is handcrafted in our product suite, from mixing and pouring to wrapping and packing. Every ingredient is fully sustainable and 100% natural, providing a natural solution to traction, whilst also contributing to less reliance on the use of oil.

We also love to surf…. see you out the back!