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Triple Scented EcoSoya® Wax Tart Melts - Fruit Fragrances

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 Fruit FragrancesTriple Scented EcoSoya® Wax Tart Melts -  If you are looking for a ‘’Walk into the wall fragrance’’ these tarts really do pack a punch & are for you 

Just pop onto your burner, no water needed ~ lasts around 10-15 hours approx 5 standard t-lights, with customers reporting more!

DID you know that you don’t even have to melt these little guys?? You can pop them in organza bags in your underwear drawer, cupboard, locker, car (out of direct sunlight) or pop them onto a dish in your room, a bit like potpourri !! They will give off a lovely fragrance 

Available scents  -

Black Cherry - Caribbean Coconut - Campagne Pomegranate - Cinnamon & Orange - Dewberry - Hot Pink Lime - Pink Grapefruit