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Dawn Patrol Soap Bar

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** 51% of net profits of all purchases are reinvested back into supporting our community partners' to help them thrive and have a positive impact in their local community and throughout Wales #abetterwales **

An invigorating blend of Peppermint and Rosemary, use this soap bar first thing in the morning and it will leave you feeling fresh and zingy, ready to take on the day.

Weight: Approx 100g

Ingredients: Essentials oils etc. We only use the finest ingredients in our soaps to clean and moisturise your skin, even after the hardest of surf sessions in the saltiest of seas…

Six Foot and Clean evolved from their love of the surfing lifestyle, travelling and living out of vans. Our soap and shampoo bars are designed to be practical for travelling and storage, no more messy bottles leaking all over your kit.

Each soap is handmade using the traditional cold process method with 100% natural ingredients, using only the finest oils, butter, pure essential and fragrance oils and we source sustainable palm oil.

None of our of our soaps are tested on animals, only on family and friends and each has been certified by an independent analytical chemist to ensure they conform with EU directives for cosmetic products and your bathing pleasure…

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