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Disability Can Do

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Disability Can Do is an independent user led charity that works with, and for disabled adults and carers and places their needs and aspirations at the centre of everything we do

Disability Can Do’s mission is to promote and encourage inclusion, independence and choice.


  • To enable disabled people to gain independence
  • To increase their knowledge of services and choices available
  • To reduce isolation for disabled people and their carers
  • To enable disabled people to have a voice locally, regionally and nationally and promote their right to be involved in decision-making about their lives.
  • To raise awareness about the barriers to inclusion disabled people face especially with regard to health, housing, transport, employment, education

     As a Charity we seek to achieve our aims by:

    • Providing Advocacy and Information
    • Supporting disabled adults and their carers to maximise their income.
    • Providing Employability Support
    • Providing Volunteering Opportunities
    • Setting up set up initiatives to lessen the isolation of disabled people and their carers
    • Promoting the right of disabled people to be involved in decision-making about their lives and about what goes on in their community.
    • Training ourselves and others about disability issues

      Disabled people don't want to be segregated from society so Disability Can Do is working to provide services that will enable them  to lead fully inclusive lives.


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