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Serena Evans

FEARLESS SPEAKING - Friday 23rd February 2018, St Davids

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FEARLESS SPEAKING with Serena Evans and Lisa Smith

Friday 23rd February 2018, 10.30pm-4.00pm, St Davids Wellbeing

Serena and Lisa have joined together their diverse experiences of acting, teaching, training and working with the body & breath, to create a comprehensive Fearless Speaking workshop, designed to you speak authentically in tricky situations. That may be giving a presentation at work, or having a difficult conversation with a loved one.

Between them, they have more than 50 years’ experience of presenting and teaching. They have pooled their knowledge and skills to offer you the opportunity to become the speaker you truly want to be; confident, intimate, articulate, funny, powerful, persuasive, but, most of all, YOURSELF.

In this workshop, you will find good, reliable ways to calm your catastrophizing mind, and discover that you can do the job really well. You can move from being an ineffectual presenter to a competent one, from a doubtful speaker to a confident one.

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