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FORI 'High Protein' BARS - Explorer Pack

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** 51% of net profits of all purchases are reinvested back into supporting our community partners' to help them thrive and have a positive impact in their local community and throughout Wales #abetterwales **

Fori bars are high protein, savoury snack bars made from meat, perfect for today’s explorer looking for superior sustenance on the go. An alternative to over processed, artificially sweetened snack bars, each Fori bar is hand crafted using age-old techniques. We've gone against the times to capture authentic flavours whilst retaining the goodness of simple, whole food ingredients – with nothing else added.

Featuring all four Fori Bars, Chilli Beef, Moroccan Lamb, Thai Turkey and Piri Piri Chicken. Our Explorer Pack is a great way to put Fori to the test.
All four bars pack a punch using the purest of ingredients; grass-fed or free-range meat, seeds, dried fruit and paleo friendly seasonings. With all bars packing 20 g of protein whilst also being low in fat, calories and gluten free. Snacking just got superior. Oh did we mention they’re made in Wales too.


CHILLI BEEF - Packed with protein and seasoned with chilli. We've oven baked grass fed British beef with sunflower seeds, tangy cranberries, dates, egg white and chilli to create a snack that's high in protein and long lasting energy, to fuel your adventure.

PROTEIN: 20.2G / SUGAR: 3.5G / FAT: 4.3G / SALT: 0.8G

MOROCCAN LAMB - Prime grass-fed lamb has been oven baked to perfection with mint, tangy ginger, sweet apricots, spices and crisp sunflower seeds creating a natural snack that’s high in protein and low in sugar.

PROTEIN: 20.2G / SUGAR: 2.9G / FAT: 4.9G / SALT: 0.8G

PIRI PIRI CHICKEN - Wowch! One bite of our Piri Piri chicken bar and you'll know that you're indulging in a fiery treat.

PROTEIN: 20.2G / SUGAR: 4.3G / FAT: 6.6G / SALT: 1.3G

THAI TURKEY - We've oven baked free-range turkey, mellow coconut, tangy lemongrass, egg white and chia seeds to deliver a fresh twist on the ultimate snack. If you like the "meatiness" of jerky (but without the chew) you'll love this bar!

PROTEIN: 20.4G / SUGAR: 3.2G / FAT: 6.3G / SALT: 1.0G

Delivered direct to your door, postage included

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