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Lemon Aberffraw Biscuits – 225g gift box

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 The oldest biscuit in Britain? and From North Wales? well, It’s called the Aberffraw biscuit (sometimes Aberffraw cake or Teisen Berffro) and is said to originate from 13th Century Anglesey and also appeared in the famous Cassell’s Dictionary of Cookery in 1892.

It’s a scallop shell shortbread and legend has it that a Welsh king was holding court in Aberffraw – his wife was walking on the beach there and, spotting a pretty scallop shell, asked for a cake to be baked in the same form. And so the Aberffraw biscuit was born.

Lemon Aberffraw Biscuits – 225g gift box

The Lemon Aberffraw Biscuit is made with good quality butter, flour, sugar, lemon zest, and juice – making for a buttery shortbread with a subtle lemon flavour.

The Lemon Aberffraw Biscuits won a Great Taste Award in 2017!

These biscuits are made with 12 months’ shelf life.