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Newgale, Pembrokeshire, West Wales

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Newgale, Pembrokeshire, West Wales

A rare opportunity to capture a truly black storm brewing. The sun was dipping behind the darkest of clouds while a sheet of rain drenches St Davids Head to the right.
A subject such as this, with its limited range of tones, works perfectly in black and white.

Limited Edition Of – 250

David Wilson was brought up in Haverfordwest and now live a few miles downstream in the riverside village of Llangwm. His love of photography began when he bought my first camera aged seventeen, spending many carefree days riding around Pembrokeshire by motorbike with a 35mm Canon and an ordnance survey map.  

The landscape of Pembrokeshire and in the wider context, Wales, provides an idyllic playground for a black and white landscape photographer.

David seeks to capture the country’s many different faces; the windswept coast of mid-winter, a derelict farm cottage, the faded grandeur of a rural chapel or the rugged contours of a mountain pass.  The story of Wales is told through its landscape and it is this narrative that he seeks to capture in his work.

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