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Pedal Power

Who we are

We’re a charity based in Cardiff that encourages and enables children and adults of all ages and abilities to experience the benefits of cycling. We strive to remove the barriers to cycling that many people face and work to a key set of values.

Our Values

Learning environment where people achieve their goals and aspirations Improvement being professional, knowing how we are doing and striving to improve Valuing People a person centred service, a community where people feel they belong and a great place to work and volunteer Equality engagement with disadvantaged individuals and communities, finding out what they want and offering opportunities Sustainability social, economic and environmental


Beginning as a small project in Ely Hospital in 1996 for learning disabled cyclists, Pedal Power was established as a charity in 2000 for people of all ages and abilities. Thanks to support from Cardiff Council and the Big Lottery, the Pedal Power Cycling Centre in Pontcanna Caravan Park became operational in 2007.

Why our work is important

Though the benefits of walking and cycling to people’s health are well recognised, many of us fail to get the exercise and regular physical activity that we need. Think how much harder it is to exercise if you are disabled and equipment and facilities are not geared to your needs. Imagine how isolating it can be not to be able to undertake exercise alongside friends and family.

Here at Pedal Power, we have a whole range of specially adapted trikes and bikes designed for children and adults with impairments. What’s more, we have regular bikes that friends, family and care workers can use, so that cycling can be a social activity too. We also run a welcoming café so that the visit to Pedal Power is even more sociable and rewarding.

Here at Pedal Power, we are passionate about encouraging people to enjoy cycling so we take our bikes wherever possible out to communities, schools and hospitals so that they can have a go. We frequently work in partnership with other organisations in order to deliver our services and make a difference to people’s lives. If there are barriers, we will try to overcome them.

The public and visitors to Cardiff can also hire our bikes and enjoy the city in the best way possible from Our Locations in beautiful Pontcanna and Cardiff Bay. Here at Pedal Power, we warmly welcome everyone to our cycling facilities and café.

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