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Sorai Sauces selection 2 (3 bottles)

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Sorai Sauces - the Flavours of Borneo - pride themselves in producing a range of versatile spicy sauces that could enhance your cooking and dining experience. Sauces can be used as a dip, dressing, marinade and for cooking and currently comes in spice heat level of simply mild to crying hot. NO artificial ingredients

Simply choose three sauces.....

DARING HOT SOY SAUCE - Deep medium soy flavour with kung-fu kick heat! - Spice level: Intensely Hot

FIERY BALSAMIC PINEAPPLE SAUCE - An exquisite blend of sweet and tangy, a sure tongue teaser for the ultimate taste seeker. Fusion range. Spice level: Intensely Hot

FLAMING GRILLED PEPPER SAUCE - Ultimate taste buds seduction of grilled sweet peppers, tangy lemon and the spice of chillies. Spice level: Nicely Hot

FURIOUS TOMARIND SAUCE - Bold and tangy of tomatoes and tamarind with fiery heat and exploding flavour for the mature palate. Spice level: Crying Hot

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