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Span Arts is a community arts charity, based in Narberth, with a 30 year history of making a significant contribution to the arts in Pembrokeshire. We deliver a high quality and diverse range of music, theatre, comedy and voice events, alongside a wide range of arts and wellbeing projects to an area where people otherwise do not have access to the arts.

Span Arts is driven by the core belief that the arts have the power to improve people’s quality of life, health and wellbeing and we aim to reduce social exclusion and address issues of rural isolation through meaningful engagement and participation in community based arts activities.

Span Arts run an established volunteering scheme which provides opportunities for a wide range of people to gain skills, experience and take part in the community. This can be a vital lifeline for many isolated and/or vulnerable individuals living in rural communities.

Span Arts is committed to ensuring that all of our activities are inclusive, relevant and accessible to all and work closely with an increasingly diverse set of partners to inspire people in Pembrokeshire to awaken their inner creativity.


Registered Charity Number: 1088723 

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