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TAPE Community Music and Film seek to maximise opportunities for people through the delivery of creative arts and media projects.  Based in North Wales, the award winning charity delivers high-quality projects and person-led opportunities.  These range from 1-hour taster sessions through to commercial contracts and service-level agreements.  All TAPE projects are safe, inclusive and creative.

TAPE is an award-winning community arts charity which, for 9 years, has supported many hundreds of people to explore and develop their creative ideas. TAPE is an inclusive, supportive organisation which works with all age groups through a person-centred approach in both the planning and delivery of all projects and activities.

As a non-prescriptive organisation, TAPE responds to the ideas brought to its door by individuals, organisations, groups, businesses and statutory services, alike. Consequently, TAPE’s creative output is uniquely and impressively broad and ever-changing, with the charity’s strengths centering around this challenging but highly effective method of open, inclusive creative support; something in which TAPE now specialises.

TAPE has a history of supporting individuals and groups of all ages to be centrally involved in creative delivery to a high standard, even with those participants who have no previous experience. TAPE has won awards for it’s engagement and creative work in areas as disparate as community safety & criminal justice, through to young filmmakers and Arts & Business. TAPE also supports an annual award for young filmmakers and through the Coastline Film Festival, TAPE provides a much needed public platform for local filmmakers.

Increasingly, TAPE is becoming a home for film and media graduates in the area. Having completed their studies and returned home, these young people are keen to develop portfolios and experience but reluctant or unable to move to urban centres where opportunities are greater. TAPE is supporting more and more young people to work on real world projects and develop the interests and skills they have built up through their studies.

Involvement with TAPE also places people in a situation of working alongside participants who may have no previous experience at all, with the expectation that they will be required to support others to be part of the creative process, whatever that may be. This Pathway of Support is another of TAPE’s strengths and something in which we are investing more resources, to ensure that people are able to become involved at any stage and benefit from the support of peers and in providing support to others.


Registered Charity Number: 1151513

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