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Telor Y Coed - Medium Sweet Welsh Mead

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Telor Y Coed is a medium sweet mead which has been fermented from a locally sourced Welsh honey. It is 100% natural and we don't add any sulphites. 

This mead can be served slightly chilled on a summer evening in the garden, as an accompaniment to a light meal or dessert, or served warm to keep away the chill on a cold winters evening.  

The mead has a light golden colour, delicate honey flavours and a smooth finish. It is medium sweet so it is perfect if you have a slightly sweet tooth, without being cloyingly sweet. It has a similar mouthfeel to a dessert wine. 

Telor Y Coed is 13% ABV and comes in a 750ml glass bottle with a cork closure. 

Telor Y Coed can be made into a long drink with tonic or soda water, mixed into a cocktail or added to a coffee with a splash of cream. 

Hand Crafted Welsh Meads - made in North Wales using the finest Welsh honey and traditional methods. We take pride in allowing our mead to mature so that it's at its best when it reaches you. The bees put everything they have into the honey so we think we should too.

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