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The Sea Salt Cook Book

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• 10 recipes featuring world-famous Welsh sea salt
• Recipes, notes on the process of sea salt production and the history of sea salt in Welsh cooking
• Written by Gilli Davies, previous chair of the Guild of Food Writers
• Photographs by top food photographer Huw Jones

The Sea Salt Cookbook contains a selection of recipes featuring the world-famous Welsh sea salt. Along with recipes for using Welsh sea salt in cooking, there are also notes on the process of making sea salt along with a history of the well-known Anglesey-based company, Halen Môn.

There are also notes on the history of using sea salt in Welsh cooking, and information on the origin of recipes and traditional cooking methods. Anglesey sea salt is loved and sold throughout the world and is known as a staple of Welsh cooking.

This book features loved recipes from the range of sea salt varieties including Sea Bass Baked in Sea Salt, Salted Fudge, and Italian Focaccia with Salt Flakes and Rosemary.