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The Seaweed Cook Book

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• 10 recipes featuring well-known Welsh ingredient, seaweed
• Recipes include traditional Welsh laverbread, fish dishes and an accompaniment to Welsh lamb
• Written by Gilli Davies, previous chair of the Guild of Food Writers
• Photographs by top food photographer Huw Jones

The Seaweed Cookbook features one of the best-known ingredients in Welsh cooking: seaweed, most commonly recognised in its cooked form as laverbread. Along with recipes for traditional Welsh laverbread, there are also notes on the use of seaweed in modern cooking such as making a sauce for fish dishes and an accompaniment to Welsh lamb. There are also notes on the origin of the recipes featured and traditional cooking methods, along with recipes inspired by cuisine from around the world. Laverbread is one of the best known traditional Welsh dishes and is preserved for the first time in this beautiful little cookbook. There are an assortment of recipes included such as sushi and Pan Fried Scallops with Seaweed Sauce.