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Tŷ Hafan is one of the UK’s leading paediatric palliative care charities and offers care to children and support for their families, throughout Wales.

If you think this means we simply provide a place where children can come to die, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

We offer comfort, care and support to life-limited children, young people and their families in the hospice, in the community and in their home so they can make the most of the time they have left together.

We allow parents and carers to relax and recharge their batteries. And we make sure the needs of brothers and sisters are never forgotten.

what do we mean by life-limited?

We use the term life-limited to describe a child not expected to live beyond 18 years of age.

We have supported nearly 600 children since we opened in 1999.

We are there for families in Wales for however long they need us – at home, in hospital, at school and in our hospice.

Importantly, we’re also a family’s safe haven when their child is close to the end of life, providing expert comfort and support in their darkest hours and beyond.

Every year Tŷ Hafan has to raise £4 million to provide its free services to families in Wales.

Registered Charity no. 1047912

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