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Welsh Alpaca Woven Blanket

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** 51% of net profits of all purchases are reinvested back into supporting our community partners' to help them thrive and have a positive impact in their local community and throughout Wales #abetterwales **

100% Woven Alpaca Blanket. Made in Wales with yarn produced from our small herd of alpacas. It is a luxurious heirloom product, beautifully made.

Alpaca is a hollow fibre which contains minimal lanolin making it a hypoallergenic product.

Knee Blanket : 87cm x 150 approx (34" x 59'')
.....with Cotton homemade gift bag £10 extra

Alpacas are kind to the environment with their soft padded feet and they graze pasture without destroying root systems. We run a small herd of 19 alpacas on our 12-acre off-grid smallholding in Ceredigion.