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Yoga Mobility

Yoga Mobility provides specialist yoga practice for people with all forms of physical and mental disability.  We offer a powerful and dynamic approach that focuses on and encourages ability rather than disability.

Current participants range from people with relatively mild arthritis through to people who can only move a finger. No matter how able-bodied or disabled you are, you will benefit from attending a YogaMobility class.

Our specialist tutors have more than 40 years experience teaching yoga to people with disabilities.  We provide mats and equipment, and have hoists to help wheelchair users participate.  The venues that we use are fully accessible to disabled people.

YogaMobility is a charity registered (1137754) in England and Wales.

Move it or loose it 

The experience of disability is often worsened by a lack of flexibility and mobility.  The less mobile we become, the more withdrawn and socially isolated we can become.  This leaves us less inclined to engage in the kinds of physical activity that would help us maintain our flexibility.  So we can get into a vicious circle in which our disability worsens.

Yoga offers a gentle – but powerful – means of maintaining and improving flexibility and mobility.  YogaMobility have adapted traditional yoga practice to make it accessible to people with disabilities.

What can we do for you?

  • Improve your mobility and balance
  • Help you to become more flexible

  • Improve your blood circulation

  • Help you feel more alive and alert

  • Improve your breathing

  • Help you to become calmer and more relaxed

  • Improve your sleep

  • Make you laugh!

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